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Gabonese Press for Change as Military Junta Asks for Patience

Voa News 29 Sep 2023
September 30 marks exactly 30 days since Gabon's military seized power and ended the nearly 60-year rule of the Bongo family ... Gabon's state TV on Friday ... Gabon's military junta says it needs time to restore stability and ensure sustainable economic development.

Gabon to decide on transitional period next year

Business Ghana 29 Sep 2023
Gabon’s interim prime minister says the time-frame for a transition to civilian rule will only be decided during a national dialogue to take place between April and June next year ... --Advertisements--. .

Gabon PM Says Sanctions Could Be Damaging, Military Junta Needs Time

Voa News 28 Sep 2023
Ondo tells Gabon state TV that the central African state’s military leader needs time and resources to carry out consultations and organize a national dialogue that will reconcile civilians who are angry over the Bongo family's close-to-60-year rule that did not develop the oil producing nation.

The Hill's Morning Report: Crunch time on shutdown; a heated GOP debate

The Hill 28 Sep 2023
The New York Times ...None of them created a memorable moment, so it all seemed like a missed opportunity,” Monica Crowley, a conservative commentator who was a Treasury Department spokeswoman in the Trump administration, told The New York Times ... Still, the GOP candidates spent much more of their time going after each other than the frontrunner.

‘Epidemic’ or Revolution: The Other Side of the West Africa Upheaval

The Palestine Chronicle 22 Sep 2023
In a relatively comprehensive description of Oligue Nguema, the new leader of Gabon, the BBC website offered nothing of substance in terms of familiarizing us with the motives behind the military’s move against the corrupt, long-time leader of Gabon, Ali Bongo.

Eighth Coup in 3 years for former French colonies in Africa, as deposed President of ...

OWP 19 Sep 2023
For the first time in 55 years, a member of the Bongo family is not in charge of Gabon ... However, while the citizens of Gabon have been fearful, due to the nature of the deposition, they have also “been waiting for so long for this regime to be overthrown be happy to elect a dog in place of Bongo.”.

On ‘Liberal Democracy’ and Coup-baiting

This Day 17 Sep 2023
“Out of the six countries that have experienced coups (in recent times), three of them are directly from elections. Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, and Gabon that we have just had are directly from elections ... The first time I noticed this was in the 2015 presidential poll when it was considered a mortal sin to support a particular candidate.

Will FC Cincinnati's Aaron Boupendza play against the Philadelphia Union? 14 Sep 2023
After Boupendza's arrival to FC Cincinnati in July was later than expected after the club acquired him, this time his return to Cincinnati was hampered by travel difficulties, and a flight out of Gabon ... So, you just have to assess when he gets in, what it looks like in terms of the sleep, the recovery, the timing.

Africa’s quest for economic and political change

Gulf News 13 Sep 2023
In a relatively comprehensive description of Oligue Nguema, the new leader of Gabon, the BBC website offered nothing of substance in terms of familiarising us with the reasons behind the military’s move against the long-time leader of Gabon, Ali Bongo.

Africa: DR Congo, Mauritania Book AFCON Places After Wins

All Africa 12 Sep 2023
Mauritania qualified for the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations for the third time after a dramatic 2-1 victory over Gabon on Saturday ....

Gabon’s military junta names former Eramet executive as Petrol Minister 

Offshore Technology 11 Sep 2023
Marcel Abeke was an executive of Eramet, the world’s largest producer of high-grade manganese ore, mined at the Moanda mine in Gabon ... Olende Fuel Field, Gabon ... Tocui’s appointment comes at a crucial time for Gabon’s green agenda, including its recent debt-for-nature swap to fund marine conservation ... Olende Fuel Field, Gabon.

Africa’s coup epidemic reveals weakness in Washington

New York Post 09 Sep 2023
When soldiers overthrew Gabon’s President Ali Bongo two weeks ago, it was the eighth coup in three years in Western and Central Africa ... French President Emmanuel Macron during “happier times” with recently deposed Gabon leader Ali Bongo.AP ... Ousted Gabon leader Omar ...

Africa and the Resurgence of Military Coups

This Day 09 Sep 2023
... possibly to obviate any attempt against their governments.  It is apparent that other countries are watching and remarkably those who have been under some sit tight leaders on tenures beyond what the constitution prescribed at the time of their ascension to power.

Moody's watching Gabon coup events, Niger review still pending

Reuters 08 Sep 2023
The two countries have seen West and Central Africa's seventh and eighth coups in the last three years, and while Niger's Caa2 rating has already been cut by two full notches by Moody's, the firm has maintained a "stable" outlook on its slightly higher Caa1 Gabon score for the time being.

Taiwan a highlight for Danish pioneer Thor

Taipei Times 06 Sep 2023
Known as “Thor” to his followers on social media, the 44-year-old wrapped up his pioneering journey on July 26, when he set sail from the Maldives and returned to his native Denmark for the first time since 2013 ... Pedersen credits this serendipitous reacquaintance with convincing him to soldier on and within a few days he made it into Gabon.

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